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ATLI Daily Money Management

What is a Daily Money Management?

Daily Money Managers (DMMs) provide customized day-to-day financial and business assistance to clients who have difficulty managing their monetary affairs.  Services include organizing and keeping track of financial and medical documents, paying bills, and reconciling bank accounts.  

Will I give up control over my account?

No.  Our clients retain complete control over their bank accounts including their signing authority.

Who hires a Daily Money Manager?

  • An older person who can no longer handle certain aspects of money management. 
  • Caregivers who need relief from providing assistance to their older parents or relatives.
  • Individuals who need assistance negotiating with creditors
  • Overwhelmed busy professionals who do not have the time to manage their finances and important documents
  • High-net worth individuals who have extensive assets and accounts to manage.
  • Small businesses that do not want the overhead payroll and benefit expenses associated with hiring employees to handle daily financial transactions.


Are you insured?

Yes, we carry professional liability insurance that is designed specifically for members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers.

We offer a free, initial consultation to discuss your needs and to go over our services.  Our services are billed at an hourly rate.  After the initial consultation, we will be able to give you an estimate of expected monthly costs.   We bill our clients each month and offer 30-day terms of payment. .

What is the cost for daily money management services?